2281 Alon Lumbroso Chief Executive Officer Cardo SystemsGabriele Torreggiani Vice President of Midland and Wolfgang Hantz UCLEAR Digital contact for Europe the Middle East and Africa

After the announcement of two joint projects among leaders in the motorcycle wireless communication industry, aimed at eliminating brand-to-brand incompatibilities, key members met to celebrate the innovations at EICMA, the leading motor show in Milan.

The new ‘Open Bluetooth Intercom’ (OBI) standard and the ‘Universal Communication Solution’ (UCS) were launched earlier this year – with Cardo Systems, Midland and UCLEAR Digital being key brands in driving the solutions. focus on consumers.

Alon Lumbroso, CEO, of Cardo Systems said: “Over the past few years, we have worked closely with representatives from Midland, UCLEAR and Sygn House with the sole goal of enabling riders around the world to experience the full joy of using a rider. continue while riding. EICMA provided the perfect backdrop, the largest show in the world dedicated to two wheels, to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved so far and to talk about future developments. ”

Gabriele Torreggiani, Vice President of Midland Europe, commented: “Being actively involved in this partnership makes us proud. The goal is important and sets aside competition between competitors. Together, we will ensure a better driving experience for all motorcyclists by meeting the need for cross-device communication and open technology for all, without compromise and limitation. term. A really important innovation that we will be announcing together at EICMA. What better time to do it? ”

S.K. Hui, CEO of BITwave Pvt. Ltd and trademark owner UCLEAR Digital, declare: “UCLEAR has supported the concept of the open Bluetooth intercom standard for many years because that is what our customers want and what they deserve. OBI enables seamless internal communication interoperability between brands while improving overall performance and reliability. Customers will enjoy more options and be less disappointed. It’s just the right thing to do.”


Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBI)

Under an agreement between Cardo Systems, Midland, and UCLEAR, OBI is an open industry-wide Bluetooth Intercom standard that helps overcome many of the frustrations commonly experienced with traditional ‘globally connected’ devices, ultimately enabling connectivity Bluetooth Intercom brand seamless connection.

OBI has been supported in the following 2022 series from the Cardo: Spirit, Freecom X and Packtalk series and is available for download as an over-the-air update.


Global Communications Solutions (UCS)

Cardo Systems, Midland, UCLEAR and Sygn House (owner of the B+Com brand) have announced an industry-wide solution for helmet-integrated communications devices – the ‘Universal Communication Solution’. This solution will allow motorcyclists to freely choose, change and replace communication devices without compromising fit and appearance.

In the same way that Automakers and car stereo manufacturers have adopted popular car stereo sizes and mounts (Standard DIN/Double DIN), Transmission Solutions Common communication standardizes the size and shape of the communication system, allowing for integration in new motorcycle helmets, meeting the new ECE 22.06 standard.

Be sure to visit the Cardo Systems counter at EICMA – Hall 13 M77, Midland stand – Hall 13 168 and UCLEAR Digital stand – Hall 22 G28 – to view the full line of communications equipment and ask knowledgeable staff More about partnerships.

Image Caption L-R: Alon Lumbroso, CEO, Cardo Systems, Gabriele Torreggiani, Vice President of Midland and Wolfgang Hantz, UCLEAR Digital Contacts for Europe, Middle East and Africa


Introduction to the Cardo system

Cardo Systems specializes in the design, development, manufacture and sale of state-of-the-art wireless communication and entertainment systems for the widest possible range of on-road and off-road electric sports applications. Initially focused on wireless, mobile communication solutions for motorcyclists since its founding in 2003, Cardo has pioneered the majority of innovations for Bluetooth communication systems and in 2015, introduced the world’s first grid-enabled communication protocol into the motorcycle market. The company’s products, now available in more than 100 countries, are the world’s leading communications equipment for the motorcycle industry, with an ever-widening focus on enhancing the driving experience across all powerful sports categories through superior wireless communication technology.


About Midland

Midland Europe has been a leader in radio communications since 1959. The brand introduced CB radios into the cabins of millions of trucks, campers and 4×4 cars and in 2008 presented it. village the first Intercom series for motorcyclists. Over the years, Midland has continuously improved its performance and innovated its models, making the communication experience more comfortable, durable and easier. Since 2016, MIDLAND has taken on a new challenge to this trend: taking voice and audio quality to the highest level.

The big milestone comes in 2021 thanks to an agreement with RCF, the world-renowned manufacturer of audio systems. The partnership resulted in the design of a dedicated High-Performance Audio System, now offered for two premium MIDLAND 2022 models: the RUSH RCF and the BTR1 Advanced.


About UCLEAR Digital

UCLEAR Digital designs and manufactures helmet Bluetooth intercoms under its own UCLEAR brand, for Scorpion EXO and for other growing brands. UCLEAR Digital has been awarded more than 20 patents in the field such as USAFE collision detection, dual ABF-free microphones and multi-sensor array DSP technology. The company is currently developing a number of new cutting-edge features, new models, and new partnerships with power sports brands that will launch in 2023 and 2024. UCLEAR Digital is also sought-after for Consulting and designing for both military and private communications and audio engineering projects over the course of 2 decades. With a focus on “communication, sound and safety”, UCLEAR Digital has thrived with an out-of-the-box approach to product design inside and outside of Powersports.