Handling common errors on Bluetooth headsets

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If you are not familiar with using a Bluetooth headset. You may encounter quite a few problems in the process of connecting and using them. This is a fairly common problem that makes users feel uncomfortable. Especially for the biker to listen to music, and communicate with teammates on the go. Here are 2 common problems and solutions you can refer to on your Bluetooth headset:


1. Unpair to use Bluetooth headset with… another phone

The device that was previously paired will be remembered by the phone and repaired when it is within range. In some cases, you don’t want to pair them anymore; because need to use that wireless headset with another phone. If so, do the following:

You click on the name of the paired headset in the list of remembered Bluetooth devices. Disconnect from the current phone and proceed to connect to the desired phone.


2. Do not keep too far away from your phone and Bluetooth headset to reduce interference

Sometimes, while using a wireless Bluetooth headset; You can feel the rustling, or shaking during the conversation. The main cause of that phenomenon; Usually you have brought the headset to the end of the Bluetooth range. Of course the only solution in this case; Please get close to the phone that is connected to the Bluetooth headset, to solve the problem.

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